Chicken Adventures | Part One


Ok, so our adventure in deciding to raise chickens began this summer and I’ve been so bad about blogging that I’m going to have to catch up in several parts. We became DEBT FREE this summer(WHHHOOOOOO HOOOOOO!) and so as a gift to ourselves, we decided that we would get chickens. Haha…maybe a little random, but we figured it’d be easier than a dog, and we’d have fresh eggs…win win! So began the search for a coop. We scoured the internet,, etc. Unless you spent thousands of dollars, buying a coop just wasn’t worth the money because they weren’t made to last after reading many reviews. We weren’t willing to spend thousands 🙂 So we decided to build it ourselves. And so it began 🙂 I ordered 11 chicks from Ideal Poultry and they came in the mail on July 26th…yes, THE MAIL! They mail day old baby chicks and you pick them up at your post office! We were so excited! We ordered them several weeks before this, so we started working on the coop right away, but knew they wouldn’t move into it until they were 5 or 6 weeks old. Rogan LOVES his baby chicks (or “baby cheeks!” as he says it). We put them in our garage, because you have to regulate their temperature for the first 4 weeks. They were super easy to take care of…just had to love on them, make sure they had food and water, and were warm enough! They grew REALLY fast. I’m talking ridiculous fast. They don’t stay baby chicks for long! Our friend Katrina told us to make sure we took pictures in the first few days because they would transform into ugly little fluff balls really quick when their feathers started to come in, so we did! We ordered 11 chicks…I did some research on breeds that were good with children but that also laid well…We got one Buff Orpington, her name is Buffy. We got two Easter Eggers, Henrietta and Tiger, and two Barred Rock Plymoths, Oreo and Double Stuff. We were able to order all of those as girls, but we also wanted some little Silkies, but you just had to get “straight run” which means you don’t know if you are getting boys or girls. Soooo, we’ve got two black, two white, and two red Silkies that we aren’t quite sure of the sex yet. Our hope is that 2 or 3 of them will be hens and we’ll have to eat or give away the roosters(we can’t have them in town).  Here’s some pics of our new little girls(or boys)! I have a couple videos for this post, but can’t figure out how to post them…if you are tech savvy, holler at me and help me! 😉 I guess I’ll add them later.


We picked up our baby chicks at the post office early one morning before they even opened…and this is the box they came in! So crazy they come in the mail!

We built the frame for the bottom part and then framed the sides of the coop.We worked a lot at night when the boys were sleeping and it wasn’t hot!

Yes, the coop has wood floors…HA…found some scrap vinyl that happened to look like hardwood…nice!

Someone decided he needed to play 🙂

The boys’ cousins came over(Braylon and Jaylee) to meet the baby chicks 🙂

We built a bigger brooder for them out of some scrap OSB and let Rogan get in there for a bit since the wood shavings were fresh and poop-free! He loved it!


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