My little Loves


Dearest Rogan and Athan,

What would my life be like without you!? I never want to know! You are the little loves of my life. You wake up happy in the mornings and make getting out of bed(because I’m NOT a morning person) so much easier. It melts my heart every time that you light up when I walk in the room. You love each other and can be so sweet to each other. You both play so well if I’m busy but are delighted when I play with you. You Love to be outside and LOVE your new chicken pets. You are so curious about everything and I often wonder what is going through your mind when you are checking out something new.


You are almost 2.5 years old! My how time flies! I cut your hair a couple days ago, the shortest I’ve ever cut it, and you look so much older. You really are turning into a BIG boy! You know how to use the potty, but have not decided that you want to. If I strip you down naked, you will tell me “tee tee momma!” and run and use the potty. But if you are wearing a diaper or even underwear, you just pee in them. But you love the idea of big boy underwear, and get so excited if I let you wear them–we just aren’t there yet. The other day you tried on 3 pair before deciding on Thomas the Train. I feel like you are talking more and more every day. You love to sing your ABC’s….well, you love to sing any song, and you clap and say YAAAAAY! when it’s over and then you say “AGIN!” You dance any time you hear music–you even dance in the aisle at church! You turned into a little fish the summer swimming at Noni’s house. As long as your little puddler life jacket is on, you can just jump in and swim around the whole pool!  When we go to Noni’s you always ask “swim swim kick kick?!” You love your little brother and CAN be very sweet and loving to him…you just don’t realize that he’s not quite as big and strong as you are.  You love your friends Keely and Zoey–we play with them a LOT! You also love to play with Bailey, LT, and have a new friend Judson. You are usually pretty brave but don’t have a problem asking for “help momma please”. You love ducks, frogs, monkeys, and puppies. You also love firetrucks and every time you hear a siren you get excited and gasp and say SIREN!!! Then you look around and ask “firecock?” You love to watch Shawn the Sheep, Pingu, VeggieTales(you LOVE to sing the theme song!), and Thomas the Train. Your favorite books lately have been Dr. Seuss books(to you they are all “Cat in the hat” books!) You would let Daddy read 100 books to you before bedtime if he’d do it 🙂 You love routine–everything has to be just right at night time. You brush your teeth, read books, turn off the light, pray, cover up, then daddy sings to you. You are so very sweet and generous with your hugs and kisses! We love you soooo very much little monkey!!


You will be our first trip to the ER for sure! 😉 haha…You are 13 months old and are all over the place! You walk everywhere now and climb on EVERYTHING! You have such a sense of accomplishment when I catch you up somewhere high. You are starting to copy everything big brother does(whom you absolutely adore!) If he flops down on a recliner, you do it just the same way on the one next to it…and then you crack up laughing. You are the hardest child to bathe! Seriously. You do not sit still and are the biggest little squirmer! You get angry if you are headed down the hall and I close the door to the bathroom. You get sooo excited when we go in there for baths. You were the easiest baby and are still pretty easy.  You are a great sleeper and cuddle with your elephant when you get in bed.  You can sometimes skip your morning nap, but are not quite ready to give it up completely. As long as you aren’t hungry or tired you are a very content little boy and love to play and explore! You are the quickest little stinker at grabbing glasses off of people’s face–one of these days you are going to break Daddy’s glasses. You LOVE watermelon–just like your mommy 🙂 You can sign “all done” and “please”(which is pretty much all we’ve taught you) and say momma, dadda, bye bye, ball, uh-oh, hello, and lots of other sounds that can be interpreted as words 😉 You do this funny little wrist twist when you here music–not sure where that comes from. You LOVE maracas. You will carry one around with you all day–and you have a death grip on things like that when you want it! You throw “fits” by laying flat on the ground with your head down and whining…it’s actually pretty funny. You’ve only just now started wearing shoes and love for me to put them on. Your favorite books are ones that have things to feel on the pages. Your facial expressions are hilarious and you give big open mouthed kisses. You are such a special little peanut and we love you so much!


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