Rebecca + Joel

Rebecca and Joel are getting married tomorrow!! I realized today that I hadn’t blogged their engagement pics and wanted to before they got hitched. I was thrilled one day when Rebecca stopped me at church and said that she’d love to have me shoot her wedding. Heckyess! Rebecca and Joel are such a beautiful couple. They complement each other so well and I know they are going to have a wonderful marriage. And the wedding is going to be beautiful as well! Rebecca called me one weekend and asked if we could shoot her bridal portraits the next day. She’d had pictures taken in bluebonnets at every milestone in her life, and thought it would be appropriate to do the same for a few of her bridals….she’d found out where a big field of bluebonnets was supposed to be. She lucked out and I happened to have the next day open, so we booked a time….we didn’t do her bridals however, because they were HAND BEADING the edges of her cathedral lenth veil!!!! And it wasn’t quite done….so we did their engagements instead. We were headed to some small town called Ovilla where there was supposed to be a field of bluebonnets. Joel used to live around there, so he drove. We never found the field, but found lots of fun places along the way! We then ended up finding some bluebonnets on the side of the highway…you’d never know though!! Man, these two are just so easy to photograph! I’m excited for the new adventure of marriage you are about to embark on–marriage is the greatest earthly blessing ever!!! Enjoy.


I saw this barn on the side of the road and we hopped a fence to steal a few pics…

there was a big opening on that top floor(behind their heads in the pic) but we couldn’t find a way to get up there…0013_rbranch_2009-04




I absolutely love this one.....

I absolutely love this one.....




I couldn’t decide which bluebonnet pic was my fave….what’s yours?





Which one….above, or below?




  • May 16, 2009 - 10:05 am

    Hope Knight - The last bluebonnet pic is my fav!

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