Marci + Michael

We met early on Saturday morning, trying to beat the heat that the weathermen said was to come. As we begin to shoot Michael mentions how he really doesn’t like taking pictures, but by maybe a half hour into the shoot you would have thought it was his idea to wake up early and be followed around by camera! We had such a blast! As we explored some fun places in Sundance Square, we passed a barber shop that looked super fun….and I turned to them and asked if they’d be up for shooting in there. YAY! Seriously, these two were up for whatever, and soooo glad they were. I absolutely LOVE the barbershop images! And if you are a guy and you live in Fort Worth, you’ve GOT to go check this place out!! Go see Joe at Sundance Hairstylist….his place is so cool! You go into the little courtyard entrance thing in the middle of the block by Razoo’s….anyway….LOVED it! So meet Marci and Michael. Michael sure knows how to make Marci laugh! I think half our pics were of them cracking up, which was great! It just goes to show how fun they are. Can’t wait til your wedding guys! Less than 2 months away!!





I can’t quite figure out that red “G”…is it maybe hanging from the mirror?


Marci doesn’t do well being picked up and spun, but I’d say she did great!! Thanks for trying! And how fun is this barber shop!?



Marci picked out this fun wall outside a jewelry store for us to shoot at….I LOVE signs!








I just love this one on the left….such an intimate feel to it…almost like they didn’t know I was there! 😉

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