Bride | Christen

As the summer became packed and Christen’s wedding drew close, we knew we had to get her bridals done soon! Christen is such a sweet and kindhearted person who is so easy to work with and get along with.  “If this place doesn’t work out, we’ll just play it by ear,” was her comment as we tried to figure out where to shoot on a scorching hot August afternoon. As it turned out, her hairdresser suggested a loft that ended up working out great! We shot there and then found a few other places around Dallas to add a little more variety. Not once did she complain about the heat when we were outside, and she was up for anything! Thanks for being such fun and so easy! We only shot these a few weeks ago, but it was still so hard to have to wait until today to post them. Christen and Michael got married yesterday and it was such a great day. I’ll have their sneak peek up soon!

Here’s a few of my favorites…








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