It is always such a treat to have a session with this sweet family. I’ve known Sara since college and I was blessed to shoot her and Wes’s wedding, then her maternity photos, then Brie’s newborns, and now this! Love them!! We found a little patch of green grass(it was very sticky green grass too!) so we took advantage of it 🙂 Enjoy!


It was so good to see this sweet family…it had been way too long! They were only a family of 4 last time we saw each other…I think Julie and I were both pregnant at the time. Anyway. Sam and Julie are old friends of mine but they live in Midland so we don’t see much of each other. We’ve been friends since our freshman year at Tech(I won’t say how long ago that was…although it seems like just a couple years!!) We planned on a shoot back in December, but the stomach bug ruined that one…so we planned this hoping for some good weather. It was supposed to be nice, but ended up being COLD and windy! The girls were troopers with no sleeves! Seriously. The kids did great. Such a sweet family Sam and Julie!! Love yall!!


So glad to finally be able to post these pics! I kind of picked a lot of favorites and getting to them between me being sick for weeks and the boys being sick has been a task…but these photos make me smile so much! AmyRose has got to be one of the giddiest brides I have ever had! That girl was all smiles, all day!! Love it! I photographed Andrew’s brother’s wedding a couple years ago, so it was fun to shoot another wedding for the same family. The ceremony was beautiful and these two just couldn’t be more in love! The day went so smoothly and it was so much fun! I love that my job allows me to be part of such wonderful days for couples. Congratulations Andrew and AmyRose!!

  • December 22, 2012 - 8:42 pm

    Sadie Dabbs - What a blessing to be a witness to the lives of two beautiful people as they begin their walk through life a man and wife. May God richly bless them all the day of their lives together and when they have grown old together, they will reflect on these wonderful photos and laugh and hold each others hand and say, “thank You Lord for all your loving care for and to us”.
    I enjoy this video so much, thanks for sharing.

We got lucky this year and actually had a fairly warm day to run out and get some family pics with my favorite sister-in-law!(she may be my only sister-in-law right now, but that’s beside the point–I love her!!)…Braylon was an angel and we were done in just a few minutes…LOVE LOVE LOVE these! And I must say Alisa did a great job on the wardrobe choices!! So glad we got these in even though I was gone nearly all of November!