As I sit here at my computer with Athan asleep in his bed and Rogan running back and forth outside the office door getting blocks one by one from the basket to stack on the coffee table, I can’t help but realize how incredibly blessed we are. We moved to Lubbock, where we are blessed to have at least one side of the family around. Then came Rogan, who was a perfect, easy little baby that changed our lives forever. Then came Athan, in the same way as Rogan–so sweet and a super easy baby. We have family that loves us, a bigger house than we thought we’d have(room for having people over!)–for a lower price than we thought we’d be paying, an incredible church family, friends who have become our family, jobs that aren’t going anywhere, safe vehicles that run, plenty to eat, clothes to keep us warm, phones, computers….

Seriously. Each day I am reminded how sinful and broken we are, and yet God chooses to bless us over and over. I have an amazing husband who desperately loves the Lord, provides for our family, and loves us beyond measure. My precious boys are almost too sweet to handle and I can’t thank God enough for such gifts.

And still we(as in ME) forget to spend time with Him, go stretches without reading His Word, take things for granted, pass others by who may be desperate to hear His Good News…we get caught up in the everyday goings-on of this American life and forget who should constantly be the center of it all. I am too often guilty of this and want to be better. I pray that God will give me the discipline to carve time in every day for Him, time to love on others, to memorize His Word, and thank Him each day for all the blessings he has given…

What a wonderful God we serve, who will love us still and take us back no matter how many times we screw up or let Him down…


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